Marriage Counseling

We offer life-changing marriage counseling sessions to couples in the Sunrise community.

Every marriage goes through difficult times. With two people who are trying to juggle busy schedules, money stress, family dynamics, health concerns, or anything else, it makes sense that you’re experiencing tension. Perhaps you’re like many couples, having quarrels and disagreements more often than you would like. It could be that your relationship has recently entered a more challenging and stressful season. Maybe there was infidelity and you’re not sure how to move forward. Don’t give up on each other and the life you are building together. Commit to working through these trying times with marriage counseling services, available to the Sunrise community at Child & Family Psychologists. You don’t have to do this alone, we are here to help.

Our team of experienced marriage counselors and family therapists located in Sunrise is ready to help you and your spouse navigate this difficult time. We’ve worked with couples who are dealing with a wide variety of relationship issues, providing valuable methods for working through them in a healthy and restorative manner. We’ve helped couples with everything from communicating better to finding solutions during arguments. Many times, couples simply need an unbiased third party who can listen and offer solutions based on years of experience. Whatever it is you need, Child & Family Psychologists is here for you.


Fort Lauderdale Marriage Counseling

We can step in and be a valuable resource for you and your family. Marital problems are common. But when you reach out to a marriage counselor, you are taking charge and fighting for something that is important to you. We admire that. It takes courage to ask for help, and most married couples are relieved they took the first step in seeking counseling. In fact, many of our clients have shared that the strategies they gained through counseling saved their marriages.


No matter your situation, you can benefit from counseling. You may be on the brink of divorce, or maybe you simply want to communicate better. Whatever your story, we’d love to help! Contact our expert family therapists for marriage counseling at Child & Family Psychologists in Sunrise today to request your appointment.

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