Psychoeducational Analysis

Psychoeducational Analysis


When an individual of any age has difficulties learning, it can affect many areas of their lives—not the least of which is education. When a learning disability is undiagnosed, affected individuals can often feel down, believing that they’re not intelligent or are unable to learn. This creates a cycle that can lead to behavioral issues, problems in school, and frustrations at home. Our psychologists at Child & Family Psychologists in Sunrise, FL perform psychoeducational evaluations to identify learning development and identify strengths, weaknesses, and cognitive abilities to develop a tailored program to help our patients achieve success in learning and in life. A psychoeducational analysis can identify a learning or developmental disability so you and your child’s educators can provide the appropriate support your child needs.

At Child & Family Psychologists, we believe that knowledge is power. The first step to getting your child the help they need is to understand exactly what is holding them back. Learning disabilities are incredibly common and affect many individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. When we properly identify learning disabilities, doors can open up for an individual who may have felt like they’d never be able to learn effectively.

Through psychoeducational analysis, our experienced Sunrise psychologists can identify what is affecting your child’s ability to learn, and we can help develop a plan of action for moving forward. Many students with learning disabilities simply need to be taught in a different way to learn most optimally. When we know what the root issues are, a tailored plan can be developed for specialized education. With access to the tools to help your child learn successfully, you and your child will feel empowered.

If your child is struggling with a learning disability, call our compassionate team in Sunrise at Child & Family Psychologists to schedule an appointment. Together, we can help your child move toward a brighter future.

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